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The iCloud Lock Removal Service with a Lifetime Guarantee

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Enter all basic information required for our Automated system to Unlock your Device. Our System will verify that a Reliable, Permanent and Safe Unlock can be Initiated.

Pay only $1

Pay a small fee of one dollar fee to start the Unlock. This is a small fee to keep our services up and running and provide a reliable Unlocking mechanism.

Device Unlocked

Reboot your Device and enjoy a Fully and Permanently Unlocked Experience with iCloud functions, Updates, Warranty, and everything a normal device has

Most frequent questions and answers​

First, you need to find your IMEI number on the phone. That is the official 15-digit serial number for your device only. To see it, follow the guide below in this context: Take your Activation Locked device and press the sleep button. wake it by pressing it again and you can see the sign saying (i) on the right-bottom screen corner. Tap it to view your IMEI and Serial Number

The $1 fee (or equivalent in your local currencry) is required for us to run our infrastructure, hire developers and ensure the service is riunning efficiently and stays working even if you decide to update your device or sell it later on.

We allow users to use any kind of Credit Card to pay the $1 service fee required to use this service.

We constantly update our service to work on any device. Enter your IMEI or Serial Number above to ensure a permanent, safe, reliable and update proof unlock can be done

The most user friendly unlocking service with the lowest cost.

iUnlock App offers many great features for users to take care of their Activation Lock and regain full control of their device. Thanks to our $1 fee for each Unlock we manage to have many developers on hand who constantly verify and update our Software to ensure it has the highest standard of safety, reliability and stability

"My phone has actually been locked for over 2months now. I had already given up on using it again. Until I saw iUnlock and they have helped me fix my problem"
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